10 widows trained in soap making in the Second Phase of widows skills Project

The second phase of Widows’ Skills Development Project took place in Tamale in Zoozugu town, in the Northern Region of Ghana. After empowering five (5) Widows in Effiduase (Ashanti Region) we moved to train 10 Widows in soap making.

The training which started from the 23rd of January through to the 14th of February saw the widows learning the making of the following: Key Soap, Liquid Soap, Bonku (Local round soap), Obolo and BF.

This flagship program is to address the financial struggles most of these widows are going through and we intend to reach as many as we can across the country.

Thanks and gratitude to the donors of the two previous trainings. Donations are still welcomed as we move to a different city to financially empower another set of widows In Sha Allah

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