About Us

About Us

Islamic Ummah Relief (IUR) is a registered, non- partisan, non-profit, non- sectarian organization established to provide relief and humanitarian aid to help the vulnerable. Currently with offices in United States, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Uganda and still growing to reach other countries.

What we do

We develop long-term development projects aimed at providing a sustainable living for poor communities as well as supporting needy widows and orphans .

We give special emphasis to capacity building , economic development , education , and improving the lives of widows and orphans in rural communities.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Establish an orphanage home and school to host selected orphans and provide them with basic human needs.

  • Caring for widows and their orphaned children

  • Plan and execute the sharing of food items to various groups of less privileged.

  • Providing clean and reliable water to deprived communities.

  • Support any other group with similar goals.

  • Establish a platform for members of the community to volunteer towards our activities.

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