Our orphan village project is working on providing an educational facility for orphans. We are counting on your support in order to provide infrastructural development on this project.

These are living spaces for the orphans. The area will include male and female dormitories, a dining facility, kitchen, recreational area and laundry room.
This is the masjid which is centrally located in the site. There are both male and female sections with separate restrooms and wudu areas. The masjid can hold up to 200 worshipers.
This classroom blocks will hold students from elementary through high school. Each class will accommodate more than 30 students
This admin block will be a multi purpose facility. The facility will include offices for teachers and administrators, a tech and science labs dedicated to educating students on science and technology, and a sick bay to caWe currently have space for a sick ward to care for student who are ill.

Support us complete our orphanage project to provide home and shelter to the poor orphans and needy