Scholarship Description:

Islamic Ummah Relief Educational Grant is intended to provide financial assistance to high school/undergraduate students due to the coronavirus pandemic. The objective of this scholarship is to support students who are committed to their studies.

How To Apply:

Eligibility Criteria:

● Applicants must be a high school/undergraduate student in the United States.

● Applicants must be a resident of the USA.

● Applicants must submit a recent photograph.

● Applicants must submit proof of enrollment.

● Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

**​ ​Students in all fields of study are encouraged to apply.

Essay Topic: ​In 500-700 (Select one Topic):

● Describe what coronavirus is, how it has affected the United States and the individuals within your community.

● If you were to organize a fundraising campaign during this pandemic how would you utilize the money to help the individuals within your community? (plan an event to educate community members about the coronavirus, distribute basic necessities such as food, water etc.) BE CREATIVE.

● What role would you take in supporting your community members? What initiatives would you take?

● Also discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has affected your life.

Awards 1st Place- $1000 2nd Place- $600 3rd Place- $400

All submissions MUST be original

Application Deadline: August 31st 2020

3 Winners will be announced September 15th 2020

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